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Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior committed to participation in UN peacekeeping missions

| Banja Luka | Tuesday, 29/05/2018

On the occasion of 29 May – International UN Peacekeepers’ Day, the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior congratulates to all the members of this Ministry who are currently participating or were a part of UN peacekeeping forces in the past, for giving their contribution to establishing peace and stabilization of relations in post-conflict countries, representing at the same time this Ministry in the best possible manner.
10 members of the Ministry of the Interior are currently deployed in UN peacekeeping missions, 8 of them are working on regular assignments, whereas 2 of them hold professional or non-seconded positions.
The members of this Ministry have been participating in UN peacekeeping missions since 2000, and so far there have been 76 deployed members in regular, professional and non-seconded positions in East Timor, Liberia, Cyprus, Sudan, South Sudan, Congo, Guinea Bissau and Brindisi (Italy).
Supporting the members of the RS MoI in peacekeeping missions, Minister Lukač has recently paid on official visit to Cyprus, where he used the opportunity to participate in UNPOL medal parade.
International UN Peacekeepers’ Day is celebrated in the honor of all men and women serving and who served in UN peacekeeping missions, for high level of their professionalism, dedication and courage, but also to pay respect to all those who gave their lives for peacekeeping.
In the following period, the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior, will continue with the deployment of its members to UN peacekeeping missions worldwide, in accordance with its capacities. In that manner, the Ministry fulfills its international obligations, and to give its contribution to global peace and stability, which is its most important strategic objectives.