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| Bijeljina | Thursday, 07/02/2019

            Today, within the facilities of Bijeljina Police Administration, the official handover of rooms for storing evidence and small and light police weapons, which were reconstructed through a project in BIH financed by the EU was organised.
            Head of the Administration, Mr Žarko Ćosić, said that the police management of weapons and ammunition was of vital significance for providing proper security, and that unsecured storage represented a threat to the environment and may cause explosions, death and wounding people, as well as damage to facilities.
            He thanked the South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SEESAC) and UNDP that realised this project, and pointed out that, along with reconstructing facilities within the Police Administration, a new gate, CCTV and mechanisms for controlling all safety doors were also set up, thus establishing a complete monitoring of weapon movement.
            Richard Wood, Head of the Rule of Law Section at the Office of the EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, confirmed that, through this EU project, a very significant level in the field of weapons and ammunition management and security was reached.
            Slobodan Tadić, United Nations Development Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Justice and Security Sector Leader, said that illegal weapons was one of the great issues in the region and that the work on reducing the risk it caused should be continued.