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| Bijeljina | Thursday, 02/07/2015

Today, on the premises of PSC Bijeljina, the third meeting of the HQ of the action ‘Srebrenica 2015’ was held. At the meeting, the former activities regarding the preparation of security for the commemoration in the village of Potočari and ‘Peace march’ were analysed.

In addition to the members of the HQ, representatives of other security agencies participated in the meeting, such as: Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, SIPA, Intelligence-Security Agency of BiH, FBiH Ministry of the Interior, Tuzla Canton Ministry of the Interior, District Brčko Police, Border Police, ICITAP, EUFOR, and Bratunac LOT. These agencies are undertaking measures in their competence.

At the meeting, it was pointed out that preparations for securing the commemoration in the village of Potočari and ‘Peace march’, implemented by the action HQ, as well as other security agencies, were implemented according to the plan. Also, specific guidelines were adopted which define further activities so that both gatherings take place without incidents.

Additionally, the participants of the meeting were informed about the activities undertaken by the Organization Board for marking the 20th anniversary of Bosniaks’ suffering.