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| Trebinje | Friday, 09/10/2015

Today, in Jovan Dučić Grammar School in Trebinje, a professor of Criminalistics from the Police Academy of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior of Mr. Aleksandar Miladinović, gave preventive and educational lecture on the topic of “Prevention of Negativity on Facebook”.

The aim of the lecture is to introduce protection measures from negativity on Facebook.

The most common forms of negativity are fake Facebook profiles and peer violence.

'Whereas students are familiar with negativities on Facebook, they are not aware of the modalities of protection. Therefore, this lecture was organized in order to introduce them with measures of protection from the negative side of Facebook', Mr. Miladinović said to journalists and added that, in the following period, lectures on this topic would be organized for students in other schools on the territory of the Centre.

'Students are familiar with the positive side of social networks, but since there is the other, negative side of Facebook, we have decided to ask Public Security Centre Trebinje to organize a series of lectures starting with this one, so that all students of the Grammar School could be introduced to the measures of protection from negativities on Facebook', director of Grammar School, Mr. Dragoslav Banjak said.