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| Foča | Friday, 09/10/2015

Today, in Kralja Petra Street in the following part of the action “Drivers - School Is for Us, Caution Is for You”, police officers from the Police Station Foča have organized presentation for students of 4th and 5th grade of primary school in which they presented resources disposed of and used by the police in their work activities. The aim of this and similar activities is raising awareness about the necessity of increasing of caution on streets as well as teaching the youngest students about the proper and responsible behavior in traffic.

In the presence of police officers Children wearing T-shirts and caps with the sign “Police” were halting vehicles and indicating drivers to drive more slowly and safely, especially when they are near the school buildings. Since the beginning of the school year in all primary schools in the area of Public Security Centre Istočno Sarajevo there were organised educational lectures regarding safe and proper participation of pedestrians (children) in traffic, and the students had the opportunity to watch a short movie with the same topic.

This is just one of the preventive activities that police officers implemented as a part of the aforementioned campaign, and its primary aim is to educate the youngest part of the population and introduce them to the elementary rules in traffic, in order to prevent the undesirable consequences.

In the last few years in the area of the Public Security Centre Istočno Sarajevo, there were not serious cases of hurting the children of students’ age on their way from home to school as well as in the vicinity of school facilities, which can surely attributed to many preventive activities implemented by the police in the beginning of each school year.