The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior
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| Banja Luka | Friday, 01/11/2019

      Today, in Zaluzani Training Centre complex, the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior marked the 27th anniversary of establishing the 6th detachment of Special Police Brigade and, on this occasion, memorial service was held at the memorial to the fallen members of the 6th Detachment.
       Minister Lukac said that the 6th Detachment was one of the best ones and that it consisted of 511 members, pointing out that 200 of them were wounded fighting on the battlefields throughout the Republic of Srpska. He added that some of them gave their lives for the freedom of the Serbs and creation of the Republic of Srpska, which must not be forgotten.
       The president of the Association of veterans of the 6th Detachment of Special Police Brigade, Mr. Zoran Krajnović, reminded that the Brigade was established on 1 November 1992 in Banja Luka, adding that their path was heroic, and their main goal was to defend homeland of the Serbs.
      On this occasion, the representatives of the MoI, the RS Veterans’ Organization, City of Banja Luka, along with the families of the fallen members and the delegation of the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the BiH Armed Forces, laid wreaths at the memorial.
       The members of the 6th Detachment fought in battlefields all around the territory of the Republic of Srpska, and some of their actions were extending the Koridor, stopping the enemy at the location of Alibegovica kosa in Bihac battlefield, and participation in the action of rescuing civilians from Dvor na Uni.
        Out of the 144 members of the Special Police Brigade who lost their lives in the homeland war, 13 of them were members of the 6th Detachment.