The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior
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| Banja Luka | Friday, 15/11/2019

On the occasion of Slava of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Interior, Saint Archangel Michael, the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior organized Open-Door Day on the premises of Police Training Administration for children attending pre-school institutions. The children had the opportunity to learn more about police duties and see the equipment and aids used by the Republic of Srpska Police.

Mr Mile Sikman, Head of the Police Training Administration, said that the title Open-Door Day is a symbolic one, since the doors of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior are always open. He added that, according to the research, the Police enjoyed great trust of the citizens, and that this was one of the ways to keep that status.

During the event, children had the opportunity to see a part of the equipment used by the police in their everyday duties, as well as some cabinets and classrooms used by the cadets during their training, such as cabinets of criminalistics and forensics, situation apartment and school police station.

Also, the visitors were able to visit the Police Exhibition Museum with more than 700 displays, and the senior elementary and high school pupils had a lecture on safe use if the Internet and its dangers, as well as on the ways to protect from it.

Another part of the programme was a workshop on providing assistance to the disabled. The purpose of this workshop was to teach the cadets about the basic techniques necessary to provide assistance to persons using wheelchair.