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| Banja Luka | Thursday, 14/05/2020

The main focus of #WashYourCyberHands campaign –Interpol is ransomware (malicious software). The campaign is supported by the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior with the aim of raising awareness on potential dangers and recognizing cyber threats during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Hospitals, medical centres and public institutions are being targeted by cybercriminals for ransomware attacks. Since they are overwhelmed with the health crisis and cannot afford to be locked out of their systems, the criminals believe they are likely to pay the ransom.
The ransomware software can enter their systems through emails containing infected links or attachments, compromised employee credentials, or by exploiting vulnerability in the system.
Ransomware is malware (malicious computer software) which locks your computer and mobile device, and encrypts your electronic files. In case of this scenario, your information is unavailable if you do not pay the ransom.
No one can guarantee you that your files will be decrypted, so our piece of advice is not to pay any ransom. On web site , one may find decryption keys of some ransomware software.
Unfortunately, a common case in the world is that when ransomware attacks user’s device, that user can do hardly anything if one does not back up data or have security software.
There are recommendations for all citizens:
·     Back up all your important files, and store them independently from your system (e.g. in the cloud, on an external drive);
·     Ensure you have the latest anti-virus software installed on your computer and mobile devices;
·     Secure email gateways to thwart threats via spam;
·     Secure system administrations vulnerabilities that attackers could abuse;
·     Disable third-party or outdated components that could be used as entry points;
·     Download mobile applications or any other software from trusted platforms only;
·     Perform regular health scans on your computers or mobile devices.
 If you believe that you are a crime victim, please inform the competent police station or Department for Countering High-Technology Crime of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior at