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| Banja Luka | Wednesday, 29/12/2021

The Republic of Srpska Minister of the Interior, Dragan Lukač, and the Police Director, Siniša Kostrešević, organized today in the Police Education Administration the traditional New Year’s reception for 31 police officers who demonstrated a high level of professionalism and dedication in saving human lives.

Minister Lukač stated that it was his honor to organize the reception for the brave police officers.

He said that their deeds include saving lives, often risking their own, which was the most a men and a police officer can do in their careers. The Minister said that we expressed our thankfulness for saving many lives all over the Republic of Srpska by rescuing victims from fire, water and other natural disasters.

Minister Lukač said that these police officers should be an example to all the police officers in the Republic of Srpska how to wear the uniform of the Ministry of the Interior with honor and dignity.

Police Director thanked the police officers for their brave deeds.

Letters of appreciation for particular humanity in saving human lives were awarded to: Dalibor Nikolić, Ognjen Radonjić, Budimir Popović, Nemanja Repajić, Nebojša Topalović, Dragan Tambić, Milan Miljuš, Stefan Pijetlović, Dragan Kokanović, Edin Karić, Marko Pejiću, Neven Puljanović, Aleksandr Jevtić, Gordan Petrić, Admir Terzić, Admir Zukić, Mirza Vildić, Nenad Šainović, Stojan Petrušić, Miladin Gostimirović, Igor Jelić, Jovica Božić, Aleksandar Cerovina, Boban Jolović, Gavro Džino, Radovan Nastić, Siniša Bejat, Đorđe Mišković, Srđan Vučetić, Bogdan Drobnjak and Nikola Marić. 

Ognjen Radonjić, a member of the Specialist Anti-Terrorist Unit, saved the life of a little boy on the swimming pool on July 10, 2021.

”I was off-duty on that day, but the police officers know very well that we are there for our citizens even when we are not wearing our police uniforms. I was at the swimming pool with my friend when I noticed a body floating on the water, it did not look like the boy was drowning, because he was unconscious. We saw that he was unconscious when one man picked up the body and placed it next to the pool. I came there at that moment and I tried to flip his body on the side, because I thought that he just swallowed a lot of body and that he would just eliminate the water. But I saw that the boy gave no sign of life, so I turned him back on his back and started pressing his stomach to eliminate the water. This did not help either, so I tried giving him CPR and after the third time, the boy threw out the water and started crying. I have never been happier to hear someone cry in my life”, said Radonjić.

He added that it could not be described with words what it meant to save someone’s life, especially the life of a three year old boy. He also explained that July 10 carried a special symbolic to him, since it was his father’s death anniversary and that his parents would have been very proud of him.

Police officer Nenad Šainović from PS Derventa within the PA Doboj attended the traditional reception for the second time. On November 11, 2021 he saved the life of a person who tried to commit a suicide, together with his colleague Mirza Vildić.

”The citizens reported that there was a woman on the bridge in Derventa, who clearly showed the intention to commit suicide. We quickly went to the spot, where we saw a middle-aged woman who was standing on the bridge fence. She was shouting that she would commit suicide. We managed to establish contact with her and gained her confidence and take her hand and bring her to the nearby parking lot. We called the Emergency Service, she was given medical assistance and she is healthy now”, said Šainović.

He added that he was proud to demonstrate to other police officers how to contribute to better safety of the citizens.