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30th Anniversary of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior celebrated in Trebinje

| Trebinje | Wednesday, 02/03/2022

Trebinje hosted the first Exhibition of police weapon and equipment as a part of the programme of celebrating the Republic of Srpska Police Day and 30th Anniversary of the Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior. The Exhibition was held at the Trg Slobode in the centre of Trebinje, followed by the concert of the Police Orchestra and the Republic of Srpska Minister of the Interior attended both events.  

Minister Lukač said that the members of the Ministry decided to exhibit and present police equipment and weapons in several cities in the Republic of Srpska, allowing the citizens to get familiar with the equipment, technique and weapons the Ministry disposes of. The Minister pointed out that all the equipment in possession of the Ministry was in accordance with the law and it was used to protect the citizens and the security of the Republic of Srpska.

The Republic of Srpska Ministry of the Interior will use the following events as open door days and present its work to school children hoping that they would get interest in police vocation, to wear the RS Police uniform one day and keep the Republic of Srpska safe.

Minister Lukač said that the exhibition was an opportunity to present the community work of the Ministry in an open and transparent manner and to show police work to children in Trebinje, Bijeljina, Sarajevo, Doboj and Prijedor, and not only in Banja Luka as they did every year.

Minister Lukač reminded the public that over the last few years, the RS MoI intensely worked on equipping, training and strengthening its capacities to a higher level. The Ministry invested significant funds in providing equipment and weapons, uniforms and professional training within the Zalužani Training Centre in Banja Luka.

The Minister also used the opportunity to discuss the security situation and pointed out that, according to the statistical data, the situation in all police administrations in the Republic of Srpska was favourable, including the Trebinje Police Administration.

Finally, Minister Lukač emphasized the challenges the police officers of the RS MoI were facing with in their everyday assignments.

Mirko Ćurić, the Mayor of Trebinje, pointed out that the cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and the Trebinje Police Administration was at a high level, since the security was essential.

He said that the tourists that visited Trebinje and its citizens evaluated the security situation in the city as excellent, proving that they activities were moving in the right direction. The Mayor added that he hoped the security situation in the city would stay at the same level, or maybe even be raised to a higher level.

The Chief of Trebinje Police Administration, Mr Siniša Laketa, expressed his content and gratitude to all the citizens and children who visited the exhibition. He also thanked the Minister of the Interior and the City Mayor, for their determination to present the resources and potential of the Ministry to the local community.

He added that all the people in Herzegovina could feel relaxed and at peace, since the role of the Police was to keep them safe.