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Police Director Kostrešević at the strategic meeting between prosecutors and police chiefs

| Banja Luka | Thursday, 12/05/2022

The Republic of Srpska Police Director Siniša Kostrešević attended today the meeting of prosecutors and police chiefs at strategic level. The topic of the meeting were cases of organized crime and corruption, as well as operational inter-agency cooperation.

They also discussed establishment and functioning of teams that would work on organized crime and corruption cases. These cases would be formed on the basis of information obtained from the Sky and Anom applications. They also considered cooperation in resolving war crime cases.

The meeting was attended by the acting Chief Prosecutor of the BiH Prosecutor’s Office Milenko Kajganić, chief prosecutors of FBiH Munib Halilović, Republic of Srpska Mahmut Švraka and Brčko District Zekerija Mujkanović, and the directors of SIPA Darko Ćulum, Federal Police Administration Mirko Kuprešaković and Brčko District Police Goran Pisić.

The meeting was organized by the FBiH Prosecutor’s Office and supported by the BiH High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council.