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International Missing Children’s Day dedicated to children’s protection online

| Banja Luka | Wednesday, 25/05/2022

As a member of the Amber Alert organization, the Republic of Srpska Ministry of Interior launched the campaign Think Before You Share (#ThinkBeforeYouShare) on the occasion of May 25th, International Missing Children’s Day. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among teenagers and their parents, warning them that creating and sharing nude photographs of minors may have significant and unwanted consequences.

Police experts from Amber Alert warn that the Covid-19 pandemic, combined with continuing growth of social network platforms, resulted in significant increase of nude children’s photos on the Internet, that are published daily. Everyone has the obligation to respect children’s rights and protect them, and to avoid the situations that they are warned against.

We invite the public to share the video created and launched within the campaign. The video may be downloaded from the YouTube channel of the RS MoI, which is available at